Decisions by the Governing Assembly

Juridiska Föreningen’s Governing Assembly (GA) has during the past semester taken these decisions that The Board think the members should be aware about. All of GA:s protocols can be read at If you have any questions about the decisions please visit the front office or send an email to
  • GA has approved the second reading of a change in the Statue that means from the working year 2020/2021 the Sports Committee and the Tandem Committee will merge into one committee consisting of three union officers.
  • The GA has decided that JF shall join SESUS which is a national organisation for non-profit organisations who has young adults as their audience. By joining SESUS JF will receive state funded contributions. JF will also be able to apply for grants for specific projects.
  • Starting on January 13th JF will be cleaned by a firm each week. This is to make sure that our new premises are kept in a good condition for as long time as possible. The cleaning will take place on Mondays from 8-12 am which means that during this time it might be difficult accessing JF.