Independent union officers

JF has approximately sixty union officers. Two of these sixty is so called independent union officers. That they are independent means that they aren’t organised in a committee.
Buildings Supervisor
The Building Supervisor is JF:s own handyman, Ernst Kirchsteiger and Maria Montazami combined. The building supervisor build and repair where it is needed, orders toilet paper when we are out and helps out with thought and ideas regarding JF:s premises and its inventories. Whoever that needs a handy and furnishing law student can always turn to JF:s building supervisor.
Buildings Supervisor 2021/22


JF:s archivist has a very important task. JF has existed since 1884 and will hopefully keep on existing for all eternity.
It is therefore important that in perfect order archive what happens within the union. The archivist important position is manifested through the place the archivist has in JF:s collegium of seniors as well as writing a chronicle called “Hänt i arkivet” in the union paper Dissidenten.
Archivist 2021/22