The Governing board


General about the General AssemblyThe General Assembly (FUM) is the highest decision-making body of the Law Student union. It consists of 21 members and usually meets approximately once a month. It is the responsibility of the General Assembly to appoint, among other things, the board, union officials, election preparation committee and election committee. The General Assembly also appoints the association’s representatives in external bodies, for example at the faculty. JF’s governing documents are determined by the General Assembly, as well as the annual budget. As you can see, all of the association’s most important issues are at the hands of the general assembly, and discussions in the meetings can last long.


Elections will be held in April. As a member of JF you have the right to vote in the election and to stand as a candidate.How can I influence?Of course, as a member of the Law Student union, you can get the council to raise questions or matters that you think are important. There are two ways to do this. First, you can go through the members of the assembly to see if any of these want to leave a motion on your behalf. Secondly, a group of ten (10) members can leave a motion together, as it is then the responsibility of FUM to treat.


Motions are sent to the general assembly (by email to and must be received by FUM no later than 10 (10) working days before the ordinary general meeting. The dates of this year’s plenary sessions are published as soon as they are established.

Notice, agenda and protocols (In Swedish)

Notice of meetings shall be announced on the Student unions notice board no later than seven weekdays before the meeting. Appointment list shall be posted on the notice board no later than three days before the meeting. Protocols shall be kept available at the association’s expedition and website no later than five days after the protocols have been adjusted, but no later than 10 working days after the meeting.

Members of the general assembly in 2021/2022

Emmy Svensson
Samuel Hertsberg Åsander
Alexander Ekman
 Ella Sjöbeck
Siliva Aydin
Annie Gunnarsson
Rebecca Lindblad
Anna Gullberg Nielsen
Bodil Ritzén
Emil Johansson
Sebastian Odh
Hilma Meiby
Ivan Süssner
Viktoria Svantesson Thörnblad
Einar Dahlberg
Sara Axelsson
Hanna Paulsson
Mirjam Jonsson
Johan Severinsson
Matilda Brunestam
Hampus Thelander
Rebecca Edvardsson