How can you make an impact on your education?


We think it is great that you want to improve your education and make the time as a student better for both yourself and your co-students! There are several ways you can make this and here you can get to know more about them.
1. Allways fill out the course evaluation
In the end of every course, you shall always get the opportunity to fill out a course evaluation. The lecturer shall always allot time from the lecture to let the students fill out the course evaluation. Thus, it is not okay to let the students fill out the evaluation during the break or bring it home. The evaluations are read by us at JF and the teachers responsible for the course. Take the opportunity to really say your opinion – it makes a difference. Please let us know if you did not get the time to fill out the evaluation during the lecture.
JF Complaints is a tool with two purposes. Firstly, you as a student gets an opportunity to easily give in complaints and suggestions on the education and choose if you want to be anonymous or not. Secondly, JF can collect statistics so we can see what the most common problems and opinions amongst students are.  
The most important for us is to be apprised of what complaints or opinions you have on the education. Therefore, you are always more than welcome to get in touch with the course representatives, the union officers in the education committee or the president of JF. 
As student representative, you are responsible for picking up complaints and point of views from your co-students and to forward these to responsible lecturer. It is an enormously important task and involves a great deal of responsibility. If you are passionate about improving the education for you and your co-students you should definitly look up if there is an opportunity for you to become a student representative.
5. Apply to become union officer in the Education Committee
The Education Committee has the main responsibility for the union’s survelliance of the education, toghether with the president of JF. The union officers of the Education Committee work with different arrends and educational matters. In addition, the union officers have a coordinating and leading role. If you are interested of really making a great difference and to make a mark on JF’s work, you should definitley apply for a position as union officer in the Education Committee. 
6. Stand for election for the Governing Assambley
The Governing Assambley is JF’s highest desicion-making body and comprises 21 members. These 21 members set the agenda for JF’s survelliance of the education by adopting the union’s verksamhetsplan and åsiktsprogram.