JET-lag sittning

It is time for the traditional, awesome party for law, economic and technology students!

Who could have thought that a JET-Lag could be such a fun experience?


On April 2nd, the three biggest faculties in Lund (Juridiska Föreningen, LundaEkonomerna, Teknologkåren) have joined forces to organize the sitting of the semester at Västgöta Nation.


Each faculty has a third of the places reserved for their members. To be one of the lucky ones to represent your faculty, complete these two steps and a spot is yours!

1) Use the podio link below in your web browser and fill in your name, email, faculty and food preferences

2) Pay 130 kr for the sitting to Bank-Giro 985-3490 (Teknologkåren).

Please enter: JETFirstnameLastname in the message field. Let us know if you have any problems with the payment, and we will help you.


Come and dazzle us in the colour of your faculty!

Law (Juridiska Föreningen) = Dark Blue

Economics (LundaEkonomerna) = Red

Engineer (Teknologkåren) = White


Don’t forget to bring both your student card and your ID-card to the sitting! An afterparty is planned!


Visit our Facebook page for more information about the event:

ISC – JF International Student Committee

Contact us if you have any questions: