Apply and nominate to JF’s general assembly!

It’s time to apply to JF’s general assembly 2022/2023! The general assembly is our highest decision-making body and is made up of 21 members. The tasks of the general assembly vary from deciding JF’s budget and deciding what questions the union should prioritize. The general assembly also elects all the committee members of JF.

All members can apply! You can choose to either run in the election yourself or to nominate someone you believe is fit for the role. The application forms will be made open on the 1st of March. Information about all the candidates will then be made available for the union’s members in preparation for the voting period. 

Run yourself here!

Nominate here!

The application period is March 1-8th and the election itself will be held March 22-24th. More information on the election will be available soon!

If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact