Student representatives


The student representatives are the Education Committee’s representatives in the lecture halls and your representatives as a student. There are supposed to be two student representatives at each elective course and two representatives at each of the master programmes per year.
What does a student representative do?
A student representative’s prior task is to pick up co-students opinions about the course they are taking. These opinions should subsequently be forwarded to the lecturers in question at a course conference where representatives from the faculty, the student representatives and a union officer from the Education Committee normally participate. 
The student representatives also participate at the student representatives-meetings that takes place at JF approximately once a month. During this meetings, the student representatives report what has happened at the respective course. At these meetings, the board of JF and the Education Committee also participates to discuss the errands with the student representatives. Sometimes, external quests are invited from for example the university, the faculty and other organizations to hold shorter presentations about relevant topics.
Who are student representatives?

Donart Topalli

Roman Szuter

Josephine Svensson

Maha Shareif


Felicia Afsén

Hanna Rosenqvist

Julia Odd

Öyku Yasemine Özdemir


Elin Larsson

Alise Forsman

Mårten Matell

Isabelle Broberg


Stefan Balcanovic

Alicia Olnäs

Anna Mizser

John Österberg


Jens Thanke

Matilda Brunestam

Annie Gunnarsson

Sofie Sundblad


Isabella Kravavac

Karin Palade

Thea Midby

Sigrid Nikka