JF’s organization is structured as follows.
 The governing assembly is the Union’s highest decision-making body and takes decisions in the unions most important questions. The governing assembly comprises 21 members that are elected by the members of the union every financial year.
The Board of JF is the union’s executive body and comprises 8 persons: 6 commissioners and the presiding committee.
 The presiding committee is comprised of the president and vice president, who work fulltime with the union.
 JF has around 60 union officers, most of them are organized in committees.
 The free-standing union officers are not organized in any committee. There are 2 free-standing union officers in JF.
 JF’s inspector and assistant inspector are 2 senior members that have a consultative role in all the important questions that are facing JF.
 Senior member committee is also a consultative body on the most important questions. The committee consists of mostly former presiding committee members.
 The election board is responsible for the management of elections and mainly the election of the general assembly.
The nominating committee to prepare all the candidates that apply for union officer positions in JF.