Photography Fredrik Huitfeldt
Since Juridiska Föreningen is a student union, the union’s prior mission is to surveil the education. The fact that we surveil the education means that we constantly survey the education at the Law faculty in Lund at both elementary and advanced level. We are responsible for appearing for the law students against the faculty with the purpose to improve the education and therefore we have student representatives from JF in almost all governing and preparatory bodies at the faculty. The representatives work hard to make the students’perspective, views and criticism reach the faculty and concerned lecturer in a clear way.
It is the education committee together with the president of JF that have the prior responsibility for the surveillance of the education. 
In the opinion programme, JF’s opinions are stated in foremost education topics. The primary topics are called prioritized and urgent questions. The opinion programme for the operational year is set in September. 
We think it is great that you want to improve your education and make the time as student better for both yourself and your co-students! There are several ways you can make this and here you can get to know more about them. 
Do you have any complaints regarding the education, the faculty or can we help you with something else? Please let us know so we get the chance to bring it up. You can leave your complaints and point of views in an easy way with our tool JF Complaints. You choose if you want to state your name or if you want to be anonymous. We want to know absolutely everything – big and small – so do not hesitate a second to report something you think should change.