Education Committee


The Education Committee engage in the Law Students’ Union’s prior task – to surveil the education. The committee works closely together with The Drafting Committee for Education Issues, which is led by the president of JF. The Drafting Committee for Education Issues exists in JF’s ex-president and at least one board member. The Education Committee is responsible for presenting the students’ views and opinions to the faculty and reaching effected lecturer. The union’s officers lead meetings for the active members and participate in the student representatives so-called course conferences. They discuss and choose strategies for making an impact on the education and arranges different events, both for the active members but also for law students in general. For example, the committee arranges appreciated lectures about stress and study technique. If you think this sounds interesting and meaningful, read more here about how you can make an impact on your education!
Here is a closer description of the committee’s six union officers and their respective responsibilities.
The student representatives are the Education Committee’s representatives in the classrooms. There should be two student representatives in every master course and “elective course”. Here you can read more about what it really means to be a student representative and see who are student representatives in your course.
Here you can find protocols from meetings.  
The list of rights describes the rights and responsibilities of all Lund University students.