Hannes Snellman Summer School – Win-Win Situation

Hannes Snellman Summer School –Win-Win Situation

What do we offer?
Hannes Snellman Summer School is a two-day event aimed at Finnish and Swedish law students who are interested in networking with Nordic students and lawyers as
well as developing their legal skills! The topic of this year’s Summer School is “Win-Win Situation”.

The event will revolve around the lifespan of commercial contracts – from drafting and negotiating their terms and conditions to avoiding and resolving disputes arising
from them. The programme includes lectures and interactive workshops held by practitioners from the legal and corporate world who confront legal issues relating to contracts on a daily basis and who have experience of the strategic considerations behind the formulation and negotiation of contract terms.

After the day programme, there will be several opportunities for the participants to socialise with the other students and Hannes Snellman employees.  Regardless of what legal area you will be working with in the future, contracts will surely be a part of it – which is why this is a perfect opportunity for you to develop your skills!

The event takes place at our Helsinki office on 22-23 August 2019. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for those who are selected into the programme and will be travelling from outside of Helsinki.

Who are we looking for?
Hannes Snellman Summer School is aimed at Finnish and Swedish law students who have already completed at least two years of study. You do not, however, need to have any previous studies on the topic in order to apply. We are looking for law students with a genuine interest in the topic!

Please submit your CV (including the amount of your credits) and reply to a few short videos. Please write your CV and answer the questions in English. You will find the video tool below where you can record your videos or choose pre-recorded videos from your library. The videos should not be longer than three minutes.

In the videos, we would like you to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Describe why you are interested in the topic
  • Share your expectations for Hannes Snellman Summer School
  • Use your imagination when describing who would you take on a summery picnic with you

As summer is fast approaching, make sure to apply here as soon as possible! We will be accepting applications between 16 April and 12 May 2019. We will be contacting the selected students after the application period has ended. You can find more information about Hannes Snellman Summer School here .