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Already a member of Studentlund but you want to switch Union?

Get in touch with and they will help you to switch to JF. Do this before you pay your bill to Studentlund. If you are a member of JF but you want to switch to a different Union, get in touch with the Union that you want to switch to.

Become a member of Studentlund

Studentlund is a partneship between the Unions of Lund, the Nations and Akademiska Föreningen. A membership of Studentlund will automatically give you a membership in JF, a Nation of your choosing and Akademiska Föreningen. To fully take part in the lundensian student life you have to be a member of Studentlund. Follow the instructions below to become a member today!

How do i become a member of Studentlund?

Start by visiting the Studentlund website. Click the button ”Sign up!”.

Step one: Sign up

Read the terms and click ”next step”, if you want to accept them. You will be redirected to the website of Terminräkningsföreningen.


Personal number and admissions code

Enter your personal number and admissions code which you can find in your admissions letter.

Pay the fee

You can now pay your fee! It is preferably payed with a credit card as the management time will be considerably shorter this way.

Please note that when paying with online banking it will take 2-3 weekdays before the payment is registered. It is only after the payment is registered that you are a member and can print out your proof of payment or download the app.

Print out the proof of payment or download the Studentkorts-app in your smartphone

Congratulations! You are now a member of JF and Studentlund. Remember to print out your proof of payment (you will find it on the website of the Terminsräkningsföreningen). This will work as your student ID until you gt the card in the mail. You can also choose to download the Studentkorten-app (”Studentkortet”) and log in. There you will have your student card within hours if you have payed with a credit card. Remember that when using your student card you will have to be able to show a valid ID to prove that the student card is yours.

Step two: Choose Nation

When in Lund you will have to personally visit the Nation that you want to join. After this your physical card will be shipped to you. This can take up to two weeks. For adresses and opening hours for the nations, click here.


Click here to join Studentlund!

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