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Now you have the fun part in front of you getting prepared for studies at Lund University! You will find a lot of information about the Law Students’ Union (Juridiska Föreningen, JF) and the novice period under the headlines New student, New member and Novice Committee. Below we have listed some general tips for you who have been accepted to Lund University.


The course literature to the different semesters and courses at the law faculty can be very expensive sometimes. Therefore, it is a great idea to buy used books. This is also good in an environmental aspect. 


In the facebook group “Sälja/köpa kurslitteratur till terminerna på juristprogrammet i Lund”, which is administrated by JF’s President, you can sell and buy course literature. Members of the group are or have been law students. 

At Campusbokhandeln, you can sell and buy course literature. There are both new and used literature to buy at Campusbokhandeln. They are both online and have a physical shop just over the street from JF.


As a new student, it can be hard to find accommodation in Lund but there are many ways to go. Click at the Lund University-symbol to get to a guide, compiled by the university. You can also click the AF Bostäder-symbol to get to the Academic Society’s (AF) housing service. Another tip is to participate in the different student unions’ housing services and accommodation lotteries. is a housing agency run by Lund Universitiy’s student unions. är en andrahandsförmedling av bostäder som drivs av Lunds universitets studentkårer. Read more here.

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