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If you want to experience a sense of community like nowhere else you should join one of the Unions largest committees, The Spex Committee. Spex is a time honored Lundensian student tradition and could most closely be described as a the lovechild of comedy and musical. Our spex, the Dolu§pex, is an amazing happening where actors, musicians, stage builders, dancers, make-up team and costume designers put together a show filled with jokes about everything from everyday funny business to the classical law student experience. Besides this the Spex Committee has its own sections that range from decor to PR to a "sexmästeri", which arrange legendary kick offs and sittnings. The whole thing ends in the spex week, when the spex is shown in the AF-borgen. The last spex filled all of its shows and was very appreciated by both law students and other students in general. The Spex Committee is for you who want to take part in an event filled with team spirit and the craziness that is spex. There is nothing stopping you, everyone is welcome in the Spex Committee!


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