Information about the Law Student Union’s handling of the corona virus

Dear members,
During the last couple of days many decisions has been made regarding the virus covid-19 in Sweden and abroad. Many countries, including Sweden and Denmark, has taken measures to limit spred of the virus. Yesterday the swedish government decided to limit gatherings for over 500 persons and Lund university had cancelled their open house event that was to be held this coming weekend. We understand that many of you has questions regarding how this will impact the Law Student Union’s activities now and in the future. The board is in a close dialouge with the Law Faculty about the situation and are following the development closely. We are constantly working to find solutions for all the challenges the virus brings. We will let you know as soon as we know if and how our activites are effected.
If you feel ill or have symptoms of a cold we strongly recommend that you stay home and rest until you feel better, instead of being in the Law Student Unions facilities.
You can find more information at the swedish public health authority’s webpage and at More information to students can also be found at Lund university’s webpage.
See links below:…/information-om-coronav…

If you have any questions about the virus or how the education is affected we ask you to email or contact the Faculty of Law.
The Law Student Union wishes you all a nice Thursday!