The Faculty of Law announced late Monday 16th of March that all education will be moved to digital platforms from Wednesday 18th of March due to the situation with the corona virus. The Law Student Union Presidium are continiously in dialouge with the Faculty of Law to ensure that the transfer to distance education will be done in a manner that results in the best solution possible for the students. The Law Student Union is part of the groups at the Law Faculty daily working with handling the corona virus to represent the intrests of the student body. The Law Student Union has its main focus on maintaining the quality of the education and to ensure that all information is communicated to the students in a clear manner as soon as decisions have been made. The Law Student Union hope to see that distance education means that scheduled education will be replaced with equivalent digitalized options. We realize that the next coming weeks will be a challenging transition. From the circumstances given we have high hopes that the Faculty of Law will take adequate measures to ensure that the quality of the education maintains high. The Law Faculty has announced that the list containing students’ rights can be compromised. The Law Student Union understands and respects that this is an extraordinary situation but will of course do our very best to ensure that deviations from the students’ rights will be done restrictively and that the effects for students will be minimized.

Due to the fact that the Faculty of Law has decided to move all education to digital platforms from this Wednesday, but also due to the Swedish Governments new recommendations that students at Universities study from their homes, the Law Student Union has decided to close the facilities. This decision affects both the lunch activites and the study sites as well as other social activites. Exceptions are made for internal events. Those events will be assessed individually in dialouge with the affected union officers. A new assessment of out acitivites will be made continiously. We will let you know as soon as we open up our lunch and study sites again.
Some parts of the internal acitivites will continue. Decisions are made in dialouge with the unions officers and information will be communicated via the board contact for every committee.

If you have questions, opinions or thoughts about The Law Student Union’s handling of this situation you are always most welcome to contact us via e-mail or via our anonimous complaints forms at our webpage,

All the best,

The Board of the Law Student Union