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The presiding committee consists of the Law Students' Union’s (JF) president and vice president. They are, together with the rest of the board, responsible for JF's operational management. However, the presiding committee, unlike the remaining board members, works full time for JF. This means that they take a study break during their term of office, which is one year long. The presiding committee work together a lot but also have divided areas for which they are responsible.


The president of the Law Students' Union is especially responsible for matters concerning education and for representing JF in official contexts. Such official contexts may include meetings with other student associations or the Faculty of Law. The president summons to and leads the board's meetings.
President 2024/2025 Hampus Welin
Phone: 0703-555 299


The Law Students' Union’s vice president is responsible in particular for JF's internal operations. This work includes a responsibility for JF’s economy, for which updates shall be reported to the governing assembly and the board on a regular basis. The vice president is also responsible for the cooperation within the Studentlund Agreement, read more here.
Vice President 2024/2025 Christian Steene
Phone: 0703-555 296
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