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The International Committee works to complement the education with an international perspective, by inviting inspiring speakers with international backgrounds and careers and by organizing various events together with law firms and non-governmental organizations. ​

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International Week (INW) is a four-day event organized by the International Committee. INW strives to meet the demand of an increased international aspect at the Law Program. Through inspirational lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and a networking event the week offers the attendees:

1. Inspiration – the international career opportunities available for a freshly graduated law student.
2. Practical skills – hands-on experience of what it’s like to work within different branches of law.
3. Discussion – raised awareness about current international issues and their legal implications.

The Committee 2022/2023

Heads of logistics: Alexander Dernulf och Henrik Ihrfelt
Head of PR and social media: Edwina Magnus
Heads of networking event: Rachel Sasu-Boakye och Maud Bonnefoi
Head of sponsorships: Vera Andersson Broms

International week 2022: 14-18 februari

Every year, the international committee organizes a trip to another European country for JF members, with the aim of exploring areas within international law. During these trips, students are given the opportunity to learn outside the lecture halls, for example by visiting international law firms, international authorities and other government organizations and much more.

Kommittén 2021/2022
Social conveners: Jacqueline Poucette och Sofia Burman
Head of PR and social media: Vera Ehrnrooth
Heads of trip planning: Malin Hasselblatt och Matilda Karlsson
Head of sponsorships: Vera Andersson Broms

International trip 2022: 9-12 april


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