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In purpose to handle views on the Law Faculty, the education and the Law Students’ Union, JF-complaints was launched. Here you can report your point of views that later can be taken further to be discussed in the Education Committee or the Board, depending on the character of the errand.

All complaints are completely anonymous unless you choose to submit your contact information. To report a complaint helps to provide transparency and an overview of the situation at the Faculty of Law. A complaint could be anything from a smaller schedule miss to a gross infringement. By reporting a complaint you help the Law Students Union to see trends among lecturers and courses that can be prevented or reported. Don’t forget to report issues even though it has been solved, to contribute to the overview. It’s only the president that will have access to the answers and this information will not be used without permission from the person reporting and voluntarily leaves his or her contact information at the end of the form. The errand may be processed by the Education committee, but no errand will be driven longer than the part wants to.

Do you have tips instead of complaints? Then contact us via our tool JF Tip.
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