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JURO was established on 2 October 1993 and is a national association that gathers representatives from all of the Law Students' Unions (hereinafter referred to as JFs) at the law faculties in Sweden where LLM is conferred. The association's function is to discuss questions concerning student rights and education politics that affect all law students in Sweden.

The board is the association's decision-making and executive body, which within the frame of its statute, shall work for the development of the organization and to guarantee the member unions' interests. The board exists of a president and two members from each JF. Thus, the board exists of 12 members and one president. The members are distributed between JF and the education surveilling bodies at the different faculties if these are independent from each other.

Before each meeting, all members shall compile a local report that covers the educational issues that are deemed to be of relevance. The local report creates a basis for discussion and enables a platform for dissemination of information, exchange of experience and help and support between the different JFs. Meetings should take place at least four times a year and should be held in the following order; Umeå, Lund or Örebro, Uppsala, Stockholm or Gothenburg.

During the autumn of 2019, JURO has acted as a referral body for the Swedish Judicial Authority's study on a reformed notary admission. The consultation response is available in full on JURO's website


JURO - Juris studerandes riksorganisation

Vice President of JURO 2022:
Rickard Carlsson

President of JURO 2022:
Stina Brander

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