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The Business and industry Committee is responsible for the contact with business life by arranging events in collaboration with companies, arranging internships for members and handling certain sponsorships. The committee has a president with overall responsibility and three vice presidents with specific areas of responsibility, specifically events, internships and sponsorship. The committee often offers visits to and events with various agencies and companies. It can, for example, concern bowling evenings, breakfasts, brunches and dinners.

Another large part of the committee's activities are the valued mentoring and internship projects. These give the students the opportunity to get an internship or a mentor in their area of ​​interest and thereby get closer to their future working life. The mentors can be both government and private employees and operate in a number of different legal areas. The internships are arranged mainly during the summers and usually also show a large breadth regarding the area of ​​law.

The Business and industry Committee exists so that you, as a law student, will have a stimulating business contact and also for you, as an active member of JF, who wants to work with tasks related to the business world. Get in touch with the committee if you think it's fun to fix and plan and want to get in touch with the business world, so you can get involved by, for example, helping out at an event.
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