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The Law Society of Lund (Sällskapet Lundajurister) has been the Faculty of Law's alumni association for 50 years. When it was founded in 1966, the name "Gamla Lundajurister" was adopted, but a number of years ago the society changed its name to "Sällskapet Lundajurister". The main purpose of the society has been to gather its members for periodic meetings, not only for nostalgic reasons but also to keep in touch with the faculty and its members. Today, the objectives of the faculty's alumni association are much more diverse and important. The Faculty of Law has an important task in maintaining and developing contacts with the outside world. This task involves, among other things, bringing the region's practising lawyers closer to the faculty's activities. Practising lawyers are important for researchers, teachers and students alike. In addition to being involved in education, practising lawyers can fulfil an important role as mentors for today's students.

One factor that has become increasingly apparent in recent years is the Americanisation of law faculties in Sweden. One such phenomenon is the establishment of fixed networks of contacts with former students – ”alumni”. The Faculty of Law in Lund has for several years had a close cooperation with Suffolk Law School in Boston and a number of the faculty's teachers have also seen the value of the contact networks that can be created between former students and today's law faculties through these contacts.

The Law Society of Lund has for some years now recognised the importance of increasing the scope on which external contacts are based. During the last academic year, the first of what will become an annual event was held, namely the Lund Lawyers Day – a homecoming day. Annual homecoming days connect generations of Lund lawyers. The society also works with the Law Students' Union through a mentoring programme between the society's members and students at the faculty. Through the society, we aim to promote the creation of a vital network between practitioners, academic teachers and students at the Faculty while providing opportunities for social interaction.


Kristoffer Ståhl, chairman

Daniel Kolm, secretary

Thed Adelswärd

Madeleine Edqvist

Andrea Lindblom

Gustaf Lorentz

Magnus Lundh

Anette Ohlsson

Christina Söderbäck Hedén

Eva Ryrstedt

Ulf Maunsbach

Board representatives from the Law Students' Union: Rebecca Lindblad and Hanna Lindqvist

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