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We think that it's great that you want to influence your education and make your study time better for yourself and your fellow students! There are several ways to do this and here you can find out more about them.

1. Always fill out the course evaluations

In the end of every course, you shall always get the opportunity to fill out a course evaluation. The lecturer should always set aside time from the lecture to allow students to complete the course evaluation. It is therefore not acceptable to have students complete the evaluation during the break or to take it home. The evaluations are read by us at the Law Students' Union (JF) and by the lecturers responsible for the course. Take the chance to really say what you think - it makes a difference. Let us know if you didn't receive time to fill in the evaluation during the lecture.

2. Use JF Complaints

JF Complaints is a tool with two purposes. On the one hand, it gives you as a student the opportunity to easily submit complaints and comments on the education and choose whether you want to be anonymous or not. It also allows us at JF to collect statistics on the most common problems and comments.

3. Contact the student representatives, education committee or JF's president

The most important thing for us is to find out about any complaints or comments you have about the education. You are therefore always welcome to contact any of the student representatives, any of the Union officers of the education committee or JF's president.

4. Become a student representative

As a student representative, you are responsible for collecting the complaints and comments of your fellow students and passing them on to the lecturer in charge. This is an incredibly important task and involves a great deal of responsibility. If you are passionate about improving your education for both yourself and your coursemates, you should definitely look into the possibility of becoming a student representative.

5. Apply for a position in the education committee

The education committee (UU), together with the president of JF, has the main responsibility for the Union's education monitoring. In addition to working with specific projects and educational issues, the Union officers of the committee also have a coordinating and managing role. If you are interested in really making a difference and putting your mark on JF's work, you should definitely apply for one of the positions in UU.

6. Run as a candidate in the elections to the governing assembly

The governing assembly is JF's highest decision-making body and consists of 21 members. It is these members who set the agenda for JF's educational monitoring by adopting the Union's operational plan och document of opinions.

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